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Conversations with people from the WooCommerce community about products, services and news. Co-hosts: BobWP, Brad Williams, Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Balance of WooCommerce Services and Products with Rohan Thakare from WisdmLabs

    When you start with a full-fledged service agency, then add products into the mix, there is a fine balance you need to achieve. Rohan shares with us his story behind WisdmLabs and how they have met this challenge. A Chat with Rohan Thakare with WisdmLabs ...


  2. Moving Deeper Into WooCommerce as a Hosting Solution with Chris Wiegman from WPEngine

    What is involved with bringing a hosting company deeper into WooCommerce based on clients needs? Chris takes a deep dive into WooCommerce and shares with us his newest challenges. A Chat with Chris Wiegman with WPEngine In episode 51, Mendel Kurland and ...


  3. A Focus on Payment Gateway Extensions with Niklas Högefjord at Krokedil

    Finding your niche in the WooCommerce extension world may have come naturally to you from a scratch you needed to itch. But how Niklas created his business model stands out a bit from the standard product shop. A Chat with Niklas Högefjord at Krokedil ...


  4. WooCommerce Store Logs and the Transformation of a Security Plugin with Robert Abela

    Moving into the WordPress and plugin space with a security plugin can lead to so much more. With the importance of logs and how they play into a WooCommerce site, it goes beyond mere security. A Chat with Robert Abela with WP Security Audit Log ...


  5. A Conversation: Seeing it Through

    This week we are pulling out a special podcast where we take off in a bit of a different direction. It's a chat between us four co-hosts. The topic? Coronavirus. You will notice that I left that out of the title purposely. Mainly because ...