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Conversations with people from the WooCommerce community about products, services and news. Co-hosts: BobWP, Brad Williams, Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. From Rock Band to WooCommerce to Product with Vito Peleg

    When you leave a rock band and start creating websites for clients, you never know where it will lead. For Vito it led to a small website agency using WooCommerce and ended with creating a product. A Chat with Vito Peleg with WPFeedback ...


  2. Coffee, Personality and Brand with Kandace Brigleb from Needmore Designs

    Selling coffee online takes a lot more than nice photos of beans and packages. Doing it right goes deeper. And getting creative during these challenging times is a must. A Chat with Kandace Brigleb from Needmore Designs In episode 46, Jonathan Wold ...


  3. WooCommerce Marketplaces with Jamie Madden at WCVendors

    The journey from client work to product is always interesting. But add the running of a plugin that brings marketplaces to WooCommerce sites to that mix and it makes for a great conversation. A Chat with Jamie Madden from WCVendors In episode ...


  4. 100+ WooCommerce Plugins with Ronald Gijsel at YITH

    It's alway great chatting with someone who works or owns a company that puts out WooCommerce plugins. But chatting with someone about their 100+ plugins is a different story. A Conversation with Ronald Gijsel from YITH In episode 44 of our podcast, ...


  5. Catching Up on All Things WooCommerce with Paul Maiorana

    When you have the chance to chat with the General Manager of WooCommerce, it brings some great opportunities to dig deeper into the ecosystem. From the vision for 2020, including WooCommerce Payments, to the thinking behind the recent Marketplace pricing restructure, we have it all in this episode. ...