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  1. UX, WordPress and WooCommerce

    The goal of any online store owner is to make the user experience and as seamless as possible. So I thought it would be great to pull in the experts to give us some tips and insights. WordPress, WooCommerce and UX ...


  2. Building a CBD Online Store on WooCommerce and WordPress

    The CBD (cannabidiol) industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Shayda took her personal challenges and turned it into a business through her passion. CBD, WooCommerce and WordPress In episode 168 of our podcast, I chat with Shayda Torabi, co-founder of ...


  3. CRM's and Inbound Marketing Using Hubspot with WooCommerce

    In this podcast, I chat with Gregroy Karelitz from Hubspot. CRM, Inbound Marketing and WooCommerce I ask Gregory to start with the differences of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Inbound Marketing. Both are the backbone of Hubspot and he gives us ...


  4. The Open Web, WooCommerce and WordPress

    I chat with Jonathan Wold who is on the WooCommerce team at Automattic about the open web, eCommerce and WordPress. Jonathan has a passion for this subject and I wanted to dig deeper into the philosophical aspects of it. ...


  5. Customizing Your WooCommerce Pages

    In this podcast, I chat with Kathie Keith from Barn2 Media about how the WooCommerce store owner can customize their WooCommerce-specific pages, such as the shop page, archives, etc. This has been a growing market for plugins and page builders over the last few years. ...