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  1. WordPress, WooCommerce and the State of Security

    It has been some time since we talked about security, WooCommerce and WordPress on the show, so I wanted to look at the broader picture of the State of Security around WordPress and eCommerce. I chat with with Kathy Zant, Director of Marketing at ...


  2. Creating a Content Strategy for Your WooCommerce Store

    For many store owners and other online sellers, the thought of creating content for their WooCommerce site can send a shudder down their spine, or is at the least something that lingers on their to-do list. And to be honest, they may spend more time on marketing and ...


  3. From WooCommerce Store Developer to Store Owner with Michael Tieso

    What happens when you have been developing stores for customers and clients and decide to become a store owner yourself? In episode 141, we dive into this topic with someone who has done just that. Micheal Tieso worked at WooCommerce and Automattic on the developer ...


  4. Privacy and Your WooCommerce Online Store

    I had the chance to chat with Rian Kinney, eCommerce and privacy attorney, author and speaker as we looked at the bigger picture of privacy as it applies to your WooCommerce online store. Although this is a broad topic, she shared some nuggets of wisdom to help anyone ...


  5. eCommerce Organic Search vs. Social with Rand Fishkin

    In episode 125, I brought in a heavy hitter when it comes to SEO, Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz and founder of Sparktoro. I wanted to look at both organic search and social when it comes to your online store. With Rand's deep dive into data, he answered ...