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  1. How to Get Started with AdWords for Your WooCommerce Shop

    Today we are back talking about advertising and your online store. Whatever the size of your shop, it’s inevitable that you will be doing some level of advertising. And one of the most popular ways online is to use Google AdWords. Now this isn’t a topic that you can just jump ...


  2. Page Builders on Your WordPress Online Store

    On today’s show we are focusing a bit more on WordPress and exploring what is commonly known as page builders. Now in the past when I was designing WordPress sites, I was first exposed to a site builder theme for WordPress in 2009, which was quite a ...


  3. How to Get Started with Shipping with Your WooCommerce Store

    In today's podcast, we are venturing into what many find to be the second most complex part of running an WooCommerce online store with physical products, and that is shipping. As with taxes, it's a maze of variables and choices that can often bog you down. And ...


  4. Is Your WooCommerce Store Ready for a Mobile App?

    In this podcast we are diving into the world of apps. We all know how critical it is for any retail site to be mobile-friendly, and that app will not only get you to that point, but will take it even further with customer engagement. ...


  5. Your WooCommerce Online Store and the Customer Experience

    In this podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with David Bradley, co-founder of Patterns in the Cloud , where they offer scalable and affordable web production. They are also the force behind WC Autoship for WooCommerce, which enables your customers to ...