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Why Does Anyone Abandon Their Shopping Cart?

You spend a lot of time putting tools in place to solve your abandoned cart issues. That’s good. But do you know why it is happening?

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Why Are Customers Leaving Their Carts?

The other day, we were doing our grocery shopping. At one point, we walked by a full cart sitting all by itself in the aisle.It was full to the brim. Now that person may have been somewhere else picking up that one thing they forgot and didn’t want to push the load through the store.

Yet, it might have been something else.

When this happens in the physical world, well, the reasons are probably few.

Maybe they realized they forgot their money or card.

Or perhaps they got a sudden, emergency call.

It is unlikely that they were cruising along and realized that all the products in their cart sucked. Or that they were they standing in a long checkout line and got tired of waiting.

Unfortunately, when this happens, some poor store employee has to put everything back. (And hopefully there wasn’t any ice cream in that cart.)

What Research Tells Us About Online Abandoned Carts

I spend some time on Google reading a few articles on why people abandon their carts. Most of them talked about the same issues. From reading that content, and several different surveys, this is what I found.I start with the most likely reason and work my way down, averaging what I found).

  • Unexpected shipping or other additional costs
  • The need to create a user account
  • Leaving the cart to do more research
  • Hesitant to purchase for security reasons
  • Unclear or too long of a checkout process
  • Unavailability of express shipping
  • Errors and other technical issues with the website
  • Dissatisfaction with return policy
  • Payment declined

These issues may or may not be resolved on the store owner’s end. Some are simply our of the hands of any shop and are issues with the users themselves.

Interestingly, knowing human nature—and the growing impatience of people— I imagine there are many reasons that have not yet surfaced. Maybe these surveys don’t touch on the right issues, or people aren’t willing to admit their reasons.

Distractions Everywhere

I wonder how many times you were close to finalizing a purchase and suddenly, something happens. A distraction. Kids yelling. A knock on the door. Your phone rings. Some shiny object catches your eye. The list can go on and on.

This doesn’t even account for how many people are shopping using mobile. Often they may be out and about. And depending on where they are, there could be a million distractions.

Jumping the Gun

There have to be those times when you thought a purchase was a good idea. The extra pari of shoes. That odd-looking tech device that might save you tons of time. You get to the point where you stop yourself, or someone nearby does.

Do I really need this?

Skewed Reasoning

Although one might not admit it on a survey, they may share it the next day on Facebook.

I had a few cocktails and did I really order this musical sweater?

Unfortunately, most times it’s too late. A night of partying ending with a nice shopping spree on your computer late at night sometimes doesn’t fully hit you until the cold light of day. Or hey, maybe you sobered up a bit as you got to the cart. Or your mind cleared just enough to ask the question, Why am I buying this?

Tackle the Issue of Abandoned Carts That Can Be Addressed

Overall, as an online store owner, you need to pay attention and do what you can on your end to make your chances of a sale better. Almost every time it doesn’t just involve fixing things, but having the right tools to help you recover some of those abandonments.

They can add up quickly, so cover yourself.

Till the next show.

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