Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

A Tech Journey to WooCommerce with Jeff Daigle

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
A Tech Journey to WooCommerce with Jeff Daigle

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When you call yourself an eCommerce problem solver, why wouldn’t you use WordPress and WooCommerce? Jeff Daigle has 20 years under his belt on the web, and shares his journey with us.

In episode 38 of our podcast, Brad Williams and I chat with Jeff from Jeff lets us in on:

  • His journey in technology
  • When WordPress and WooCommerce came along
  • What he has learned from his clients
  • Thoughts on selling products from your WooCommerce site on a marketplace
  • His clients' reaction to React

Jeff Daigle, an eCommerce Problem Solver

Jeff calls himself an eCommerce problem solver. He focuses on WooCommerce and likes to help his customers in those moments when they need something outside-of-the-box. Jeff explains this with an example of a client who sells organic seed potatoes all over the country.

Brad takes him through his journey of starting on the web more than 20 years ago, discovering WordPress and, lastly, WooCommerce. Jeff has had varying experiences over the years but always felt the pull of technology.

He shares what he has learned—the good and the bad—from working with clients for the last 5 years using WooCommerce.

Jeff has dealt a lot with the topic of selling products on additional marketplaces. Brad asks him to dig a bit deeper into that and I ask him if he finds there are enough solutions to integrate WooCommerce or if a lot of it is still custom builds. Jeff has some really good insights into selling on marketplaces.

As we get ready to talk about WooCommerce 4.0, Brad also asks Jeff about the focus on React driven and whether his clients care or even understand it, which leads into a deeper conversation around React and the WooCommerce admin plugin that's going to be integration into WooCommerce 4.0.

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