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Building and Running a WooCommerce Agency with Zach Stepek from Mindsize

In episode 37 of our podcast, Mendel Kurland and I chat with Zach Stepek from Mindsize.

Zach tells us a bit about Mindsize before we move into his first experience with WooCommerce. It's an interesting story that is a perfect example of diving in head first.

The story takes us in a few directions: From the point where he knew he was going to be focusing on eCommerce to launching his business with his partner Patrick Garman.

Zach shares his insights into what it takes to run an agency that focuses on helping store owners with both high performing and scalable eCommerce sites.

I ask him about what the process looks like when a client comes to them on a specific platform with a problem—and when it's time to replatform.

As with all our conversations, it's filled with gems and tips that you can use with your own projects.

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