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Marketing and the Power of Content with Tavleen Kaur from WooFunnels

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Marketing products for WooCommerce stores is a big challenge for many individuals and companies. Tavleen shares some of her secret sauce around content and learning what customers are looking for.

A Chat with Tavleen Kaur with WooFunnels

In epsiode 55, Brad Williams and I chat with Tavleen about:

  • What you should do next after launching that online store.
  • Starting with content as an initial marketing strategy.
  • How to look at numbers and your target marketing.
  • What decisions were behind starting the Funnel Academy.
  • Creating videos and content that work.
  • Cart abandonment and customers working the system.
  • How to focus your content to both current and potential customers.
  • When and where you should jump into the content creation.

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Tavleen came from writing reviews for cars to offering professional copywriting service and landing on her marketing position with WooCommerce products.

From there she dove into it head-first. We asked her to give us some thoughts on first steps once your store is online. She shared thoughts on a good mix of spending money on advertising and taking advantage of free ways to get in front of your audience.

Next the discussion moved in the direction of creating content via both written and the video medium. How to find that sweet spot of what your potential customers are looking for and comparing numbers vs actual target marketing.

We then move on to the reason they started their Funnel Academy and later touched on how they built out their site separating documentation, the blog, their academy and "what's new". It was particularly interesting to hear why they pulled out the latter as a focused spot on their site.

We also revisit content again and talk more about ways that you can start in on creating great content even if you have limited resources.


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