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Privacy Policies with Hans Skillrud & Donata Kalnenaite from Termageddon

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
Privacy Policies with Hans Skillrud & Donata Kalnenaite from Termageddon

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There are many policies that you will need to get in place for your WooCommerce site. But overall, with all websites, one of the critical pieces is your privacy policy. We take a deep dive into that with Donata and Hans from Termageddon.

A Chat with Hans Skillrud & Donata Kalnenaite from Termageddon

In episode 56, Jonathan Wold and I chat with Hans and Donata about:

  • Their own experiences in the world of WooCommerce
  • How Donata moved from licensed attorney to agency work
  • The transition to privacy
  • Why should you have a privacy policy and is anyone really reading it?
  • How a privacy policy goes beyond just covering yourself as a store owner
  • The dangers of cut-and-paste and what to look out for with generated policies
  • How to make a privacy policy readable
  • What value a privacy policy brings to your customers and your business
  • Why a privacy policy builds trust and SEO
  • Whether you should get creative and build your brand into your policies
  • Should you combine policies?
  • Their insights into the world of policies and eCommerce stores.

This conversation ended up going in several directions, as is natural when you are talking to two privacy experts.

We start out with hearing from both Hans and Donata about how they first started working with and around WooCommerce. I also pin Donata down to hear the story behind moving from a licensed attorney to working for an agency, which ultimately led to the creation of

Jonathan lays it out as we dive into privacy policies and asks the simple question, Why have one and will anybody really read it? The answer may surprise you as both sides, store owners and, especially, customers, are taking their online privacy much more seriously.

We chat about how it goes beyond just covering your tail as a store owner and what it really means in today's world.

After that, it's on to the actually privacy policy. Through their company, they have found a sweet spot when it comes to generating a privacy policy, as compared to others out there. They share some of the reasons it works for them. We also touch on cut-and-paste policies. If you have done this, considered it, or recommended it, think again. There are a lot of issues around it and it's something you don't want to have come back and bite you.

Donata also talks about how important it is to make these policies readable. Imagine that your goal is to have a 5th grader understand your privacy policy.

There is also some interesting conversation that comes out of how this brings value to both your customers and your business. And yes, not only will it help build trust, but it could also help your SEO.

We also explore just how smart it is to combine your policies and how creative you should get with them.

Lastly, we ask them to give us their insights into policies and eCommerce. There some good gems in here, including thoughts on your refund policy and what you should do if you don't have one yet.

I would encourage anyone who runs an online site, even if its not eCommerce, to listen to this episode. I guarantee you will learn a lot.


Donata shares what you should know about the California Consumer Privacy act and Jonathan shares quick updates on WooCommerce Payments, Woo community and WordCamp Europe.

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The Conversation

Yes, this the transcript. But not in the traditional sense, transcribed word for word. We do not speak as we write. Often the flow of transcribed content is hard to follow. So I have taken it a few steps further by seriously editing, at times, the conversation and even using my editorial freedom to clarify some points. So enjoy.

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