Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast

WooCommerce Meetup Mentorships with Robert Windisch from Inpsyde

Do the Woo - A WooCommerce Podcast
WooCommerce Meetup Mentorships with Robert Windisch from Inpsyde

As an experienced WooCommerce developer and a strong member of the community, Robert has taken on the task of being part of a small team of mentors to help people start their own WooCommerce meetup. We chat with Robert about WooCommerce and what this mentorship program means.

A Chat with Robert Windisch from Inpsyde

In episode 57, Brad Williams and I chat with Robert about:

  • What he does in the Woo space and his journey to WooCommerce
  • The startup and evolution of the new WooCommerce meetup mentor program
  • Challenges for new and existing Woo meetups and how those are being met
  • WooCommerce meetups, both locally and globally

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WP Activity Log

The conversation started with Robert telling us about what he does with WooCommerce and his journey to Woo, which took us into a side chat about privacy and a bit of talk around US vs. Europe.

From there, we led into the new program that Robert is part of, the WooCommerce meetup mentorship. He gave us a good overview of its purpose, direction and how it evolved.

In a nutshell, it is there to help new and existing WooCommerce meetups with challenges they may face, including barriers to startup. There is a lot going on in this space and we plan on having someone else from WooCommerce talk even more about meetups as they are online now and giving a whole new perspective to audiences.

Robert dives a bit deeper into some of the resources and help they are providing. Both Brad and I talk about our local meetups, Brad with the Phillie WordPress meetup and me with the WooCommerce Seattle meetup.

There are a lot of nuggets of information to not only help you if you are interested in starting a meetup, or are running one currently, but also to give you a feel of this piece of the community.

We move into the release of WooCommerce Blocks 2.6, and specifically the new cart and checkout block. We chime in with our thoughts on this and Brad gives a good overview of what this newest release is all about.


Both Robert and Brad talk about WordCamp Europe which starts the day of the podcast. I also hint about a new WooCommerce online course I am going to be doing as well as a personal announcement of Judy and I celebrating 37 years of marriage on June 4th.

Where to Find Robert Online

  • On Twitter @nullbytes
  • Search for him at nullbytes in both the WooCommerce and WordPress communities on Slack.

The Conversation

Yes, this the transcript. But not in the traditional sense, transcribed word for word. We do not speak as we write. Often the flow of transcribed content is hard to follow. So I have taken it a few steps further by seriously editing, at times, the conversation and even using my editorial freedom to clarify some points. So enjoy.

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