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The Ease of Spinning Up a Store with WooCommerce and Jetpack

From the WP eCommerce Show: Product Ideas and Pitches with Matt Medeiros.

When I asked Matt about the challenges the WordPress space has for creating new products, he talked about how important the experience with your product and WordPress is by giving us an example of himself spinning up a store.

When I created my store to sell the Matt Report hats, I was like, "I have no time." I built it in two or three hours. It was like, I'm just going to get this out there.

On day one of WordCampUS, I installed Jetpack and WooCommerce, and that was it. And even though only it took me a couple of hours—I am someone who is advanced in this stuff— it had everything I needed, everything to whip up a simple page to sell hats.

That experience has gotten even easier over time. It has to. And that's where WordPress.com will win. It'll make all these services so damn easy. Anybody who's just this mom and pop plugin developer customer will look at your solution and be like, you're either just one tiny fraction of everything I can get in Jetpack or Elementor or BeaverBuilder, or you're just too complex and the hell with that.

I was going to go the easy route and installed Jetpack. Focusing on experiences is probably the best word of advice I have for people who are thinking about building a product in WordPress.

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