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Do the Woo Roundup: WooCommerce News - May 15, 2020

WooCommerce news and new products and services for WooCommerce from this last week.

WooCommerce News

WooCommerce 4.2 Beta 1 - Starting with the release of 4.2, WooCommerce will be switching to a monthly release cadence. As the previous release, 4.2 continues the focus on performance and stability.

Extensions and Plugins

Major Update for CheckoutWC 3.0 - Although released earlier, a new post covers their biggest release since October 2018. The biggest changes were in the template design, an added template, a redesigned cart and modular CSS and JS.

Enhancer for WooCommerce Subscriptions - This extension adds new features to WooCommerce subscriptions, including updating prices for existing users, a cancel delay and auto renewal and expiry reminders.

Payment Reminder for WooCommerce - Send reminders automatically to pending payments, follow-ups requesting a review and emails to customer-canceled orders based on created rules.

Lottery for WooCommerce - Based on a lottery draw system, this extension lets you run lotteries, contests, giveaways and raffles using both free and paid tickets.

GDRP Cookies for WooCommerce - This new plugin on the marketplace offers cookie pop-ups, management and GDPR compliance. Create and manage the design, content and options of cookie popups.


WooCommerce 101 - GoDaddy Pro Webinar - Learn the basic principles of an effective eCommerce site and the power behind the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce.

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