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Pragmatic and Angry Creative Merge to Capitalize on WooCommerce Services

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On July 15, 2020, Pragmatic and Angry Creative officially merged with Angry Creative. Both agencies have been focused on the delivery of WordPress CMS and WooCommerce services for several years.

The work they have done in both WordPress and WooCommerce has varied, with a total of 60 people combined from both agencies.

The goal is to create a bigger agency under the Angry Creative brand focusing primarily on WooCommerce support and maintenance.

When I asked David Lockie, Director at Pragmatic why they were moving in the direction of support and maintenance, he replied:

Support and maintenance for WooCommerce sites is often more important and complex than for 'normal' WordPress sites. The production database must be preserved. There are often serious repercussions for downtime or degraded functionality and the codebase for a WooCommerce site is often bigger and more dependent on third- party integrations. All this makes that support work more important and therefore more valuable, so it makes sense for us as a capable business to paddle in that direction.

David Lockie

Though this will be their main focus, they will continue to accept projects for design and build when they feel it's a good fit.

This anticipation of exponential growth over the next five years is seen as a result of COVID-19 and how eCommerce is currently one of the few growth sectors.

The rebrand of Pragmatic is expected to fall within the next six months.

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