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State of the Woo 2020

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State of the Woo 2020

On October 13th and 14th, WooSesh, a virtual WooCommerce conference for builders, took place. It was two days packed with awesome content.

To open the conference, a team for WooCommerce gave the State of the Woo.

State of the Woo - WooSesh, a WooCommerce Conference

There was a lot packed into the presentation, which covered the growth of WooCommerce in the past year and improvements to the platform, as well as what is around the corner for the Woo builder community.

The topics and presenters were:

  • Jonathan Wold - Intro [00.00]
  • Allen Smith - Developer resources [05:32]
  • Elizabeth Pizzuiti - Home screen and navigation [22:10]
  • David Levin - The future of checkout [29:17]
  • Clara Lee & Brent Shepherd - WooCommerce payments [35:30]
  • Alana Weinstein - WooCommerce marketplace [48:27]
  • Also, a theme developer from Bowtied share his experiences being part of the marketplace [57:36]

A Bit of Conversation Around the State of the Woo

If you missed it, yesterday we did our first show, Woo Perspectives, which is part of the Do the Woo podcast. I had my co-hosts join me to share their thoughts around the event, the marketplace, developer insights and the Woo home screen. Some great conversation there.

Get All the Sessions

And lastly, the event was free as a result of some very cool sponsors. A few of the videos will be available publicly, but if you want to see the sessions from the full two days, you can join WPSessions and not only have access to them, but the entire library of content Brian Richards has provided over the years.

To sweeten the pot, Brian is offering 60% off to my listeners and readers. Just used the code: dothewoo.

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